Why Should I have a Transmission Fluid Exchange and Cleanse?

Your transmission works to help your car shift gears to give either more power to the engine or less. This means that your car is able to go faster or slower and your transmission makes it possible. The fluid in the transmission is what keeps it lubricated and keeps your transmission from locking up. As your car shits gears, it puts of metal shavings, dirt, and other build up. This build up is then housed in the transmission fluid. A full transmission fluid exchange and cleanse is a flushing of the system and then a cleaning of the housing and putting in new fluid.


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This type of service is to help keep your car running and to keep gears shifting properly. As your engine runs the fluid is going to become thick, dirty, and gritty and not changing it can cause a great deal of trouble in your transmission. You should have your transmission flushed to remove this sediment and the metal shavings to help keep your car running smoothly and to help it shift gears as needed to give the engine the power it needs when it runs.

What Happens if I Do Not have A Transmission Fluid Exchange and Cleanse?

If you do not change your transmission fluid it can cause a great deal of issue with your transmission and therefore your engine. Not changing the fluid can cause the gears in your transmission to grind, can cause your car to have difficulty shifting, can cause it to stop shifting, and can lead to needing a new transmission all together. You should take the time to find out what your transmission service schedule is and how long you should go before you have a full exchange and replacement of the fluid in your transmission. It is necessary to change the fluid after your car has been driven a specified amount of time or a specified number of miles.

Why Should I have a Transmission Fluid Change and Cleanse at Vern Eide Mitsubishi?

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Why Service at Vern Eide Mitsubishi?

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