Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection

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Expect More with Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection Service

Let’s get one thing straight: Mitsubishi drivers expect a little more out of the traditional vehicle experience. From the incredibly popular Outlander SUV to the super-fast Evo, Vern Eide Mitsubishi offers our customers a variety of innovative Mitsubishi models that meet their unique driving needs and performance expectations. We know at Vern Eide Mitsubishi of Sioux Falls that the best way to prolong your vehicle’s life while reducing repair expenses is to receive an annual Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection.


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What happens during a Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection?

Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection Service begins with a certified technician. The certified technician is guided by a comprehensive report card that highlights all parts and systems involved in the inspection.

Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection Service is completed by a certified technician who will thoroughly examine all major parts and systems including: 

  • Interior & Exterior – a certified technician will inspect all lights, wipers, turn signals, and bumpers
  • Under the Hood – a certified technician will inspect the filters, fluids, belts, and pulleys
  • Wheels – a certified technician will inspect the wheels, tires, and all steering system components

Save $ with Annual Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection Service

The greatest benefit of Mitsubishi Multi-Point Inspection Service is that it identifies areas of concern that can be fixed before they cause major damages and expensive repairs. We have found at Vern Eide Mitsubishi of Sioux Falls that the tires are most often cited as an area needing service. Multi-Point Inspection Service offers our customers peace of mind knowing that their tires are maximizing safety where the rubber meets the road.

Schedule a Multi-Point Inspection Service Today

If your Mitsubishi, car, crossover, SUV or electric model has not had its annual Multi-Point Inspection Service, it is the perfect time to schedule an appointment before the icy winter weather arrives. Schedule an appointment at Vern Eide Mitsubishi of Sioux Falls to have one of our certified technicians provide you with a comprehensive and thorough Multi-Point Inspection Service.

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