Mitsubishi Connect™ App

What does Mitsubishi Connect do?

When used with a compatible iPhone or Android device, the Mitsubishi Connect™ app puts your Mitsubishi SUV or car in the palm of your hand. Ride along with Vern Eide Mitsubishi in Sioux Falls as our staff explores Mitsubishi Connect services, how to set up the app, and which models have Mitsubishi Connect.

Mitsubishi Connect App Services

As we continue our way through an ever-increasing digital world, our team is often asked, “Does Mitsubishi have an app to start my car?” With the help of the Mitsubishi Connect app and your compatible smartphone, not only can you remotely start your vehicle, but you can also take advantage of the following Mitsubishi Connect services:

  • Lock and unlock the doors
  • Turn on/off the headlights
  • Access temperature controls
  • Sound the vehicle’s horn
  • Schedule Vern Eide Mitsubishi dealer services
  • Car finder
  • Parental controls


Additionally, once you’ve synced the compatible smartphone with your vehicle, the Mitsubishi Connect app services can be accessed via GoogleHome™ and Amazon Alexa® as well.

My Mitsubishi Connect Logo

Download the Mitsubishi Connect App

The Mitsubishi Connect app is available for both iPhone and Android users. Click on the app store button below that applies to your device.


Mitsubishi Connect Apple App Store Button
Mitsubishi Connect Google Play Button

How do you set up Mitsubishi Connect?

First, ensure you have the following vehicle information listed below, as you will need it to register from the Mitsubishi Connect app.

  • VIN (vehicle identification number)
  • Email address to be used as your login ID
  • Password of your choice to be used for logging in
  • Profile information
  • Preferred PIN
  • Credit card

After registration, complete the steps below to set up the Mitsubishi Connect app on your compatible smartphone.

  1. Start up your app after installing My MITSUBISHI CONNECT from the Apple App Store or Google Play and select “LET’S GET STARTED”.
  2. Read TERMS & CONDITIONS, then select “AGREE”.
  3. Select “SCAN OR ENTER VIN”.
  4. Park your car in a safe, open and unobstructed location and start the engine and idle for 60 seconds to get the vehicle online, leave the engine ON until account setup is complete, then select “PROCEED”.
  5. When your smartphone’s camera with the barcode reading function automatically starts-up, select “START” and position the barcode of your vehicle’s VIN within the frame displayed on the center of the screen until it reads the barcode.
    • The barcode of your VIN is located at the Driver-side door jamb.
    • If you cannot find the barcode of your vehicle’s VIN or the camera is unable to read the barcode, select “ENTER VIN MANUALLY” and manually enter your vehicle’s VIN. (The vehicle’s VIN is generally located at left-side of your dashboard near the windshield or on your vehicle title and registration.)
  6. Confirm Vehicle Identification Number is your vehicle and then select “CONFIRM & PAIR”.
  7. Press the Information Button (B) located on the overhead console and receive a spoken PIN.
    • (A) SOS Button
    • (B) Information Button
    • (C) Button Cover
  8. Select “PAIR WITH VEHICLE”.
  9. Enter the given 4-digit Pairing PIN.
    • When your mobile app is successfully connected to the vehicle, “CONNECTED” is displayed on the screen.
    • If the entered PIN is invalid, a message is displayed and returns to the PIN entry screen.
  11. Register your account’s login email by entering your email on “Email Address” and login password by entering your password in “Password” and “Retype Password”. Afterwards, select [ →].
    • Your email account and password are required to complete the registration.
    • You cannot have 2 separate accounts with the same email address.
    • When an email address that is already used to register to a mobile app or an invalid email address is entered, a message requesting a different valid email address will be displayed.
  12. Enter the below items to complete your profile, then select “NEXT”.
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Street Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip Code
    • Mobile Phone Number
  13. Enter a security PIN of your choice, then re-enter the same PIN again.
    • Your security PIN (Personal Identification Number) is required to operate some of the services and functions.
    • The PIN requested at this step is different from the PIN from step 8. You can register any combination of numbers for the security PIN.
    • If you forget your PIN, refer to “Account Settings”.
  14. Select “ENTER CREDIT CARD” to secure your method of payment for the subscription service.
  15. Select “START” and when your smartphone’s camera starts-up, point it to your credit card until it reads the credit card.
    • If your smartphone’s camera function is unable to read the credit card, select “ENTER CARD MANUALLY” and manually enter the displayed items. Select “CONFIRM” when finished.
    • If you cannot find the security numbers on your credit card, select [⚠].
    • Select “CONFIRM” when finished.
  16. Confirm read or entered credit card information. If they are correct, select “COMPLETE SETUP”, then select [ → ] to proceed to the home screen.

Models with Mitsubishi Connect

While more and more new vehicles will eventually feature Mitsubishi Connect, there are only two models that currently allow for the app’s services and they are listed below.

2022 Eclipse Cross with Mitsubishi Connect

Mitsubishi Connect for Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Connect app is compatible with Eclipse Cross model years 2018 through 2022 and SE/SEL trim levels.

View Eclipse Cross Inventory

2022 Outlander with Mitsubishi Connect

Mitsubishi Connect for Outlander

The Mitsubishi Connect app is only compatible with the 2022 Outlander and SE/SEL trim levels.

View Outlander Inventory
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