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Tire Rotation Service Sioux Falls, SD

The tires on your Mitsubishi car, crossover, SUV, or electric model has tires that meet the road and roll as you drive down the highway. Tire Rotation means moving tires from one wheel location to another from left to right, back to front, or even diagonally if that’s the best strategy to promote even tire wear. Since tires tend to wear unevenly with the front tires being exposed to the most vehicle weight and handling forces, you will notice that the front tires will wear down much faster than the rear tires. You might even notice that the edge of your front tires is worn down farther. Tire Rotation Service helps make sure that your tires wear evenly while saving you hundreds of dollars in replacement expenses.


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Tire Balancing

Tire Balance Service is to make sure that the wheel and tire weight is distributed evenly around the axle. Even a slight difference in weight balance can cause a vibration in a wheel that is turning hundreds of revolutions per minute. When you consider that all four tires might be out of balance, the imbalances can add up to give you a bumpy, uncomfortable ride.

The Four Activities of Tire Rotation & Balance Service

  1. Every tire and wheel is removed, inspected, and switched to a different position
  2. Tire air pressure is checked and set at factory specifications
  3. The brake system is inspected with the tires removed
  4. The tires are balanced

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Given the importance of safety while driving, we recommend annual Mitsubishi Tire Rotation & Balance Service. If you need to have your tires rotated and wheels balanced, today is the right time to schedule an appointment with one of our certified technicians before the first winter snowstorm hits. Relax in our customer lounge while the kids stay entertained in the children’s play area and we will take care of the rest. Schedule Mitsubishi Tire Rotation & Wheel Balance Service today.

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