Mitsubishi Risks of Higher Oil Change Intervals

What happens when you wait an extra 500 miles to get your oil changed

At Verne Eide Mitsubishi, we know the value of compliance with Mitsubishi’s maintenance schedule for oil change service. Every Mitsubishi model comes with a maintenance schedule according to mileage outlining when specific maintenance services are due. Routine oil changes are one of the most important services at specific mileages outlined in every owner’s manual. However, we also understand that some of our customers decide to ignore the oil monitoring system on late-models or ignore the maintenance schedule by putting an oil change off until later.

Additional Vehicle Wear & Tear

We can say without hesitation that driving at a higher oil change interval than outlined by Mitsubishi for your vehicle is an excellent way to realize the consequences of extended oil change intervals. When you decide to put off an oil change, you are also deciding to increase these risks:

  • Wear & tear
  • Engine running hotter than normal
  • Engine overheating
  • Internal component damage
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Compromised engine durability
  • Shortened engine life
  • Operational costs
  • Hassle
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Compliance with Scheduled Oil Change Maintenance

While extending oil change intervals has happened across the automotive industry, that does not mean that we should put off a much-needed oil change as a trend. It is important to remember that these recommendations have been made by some of the best engineers with extensive training and experience testing and verifying the maintenance intervals so that they are efficient yet risk-reducing. Compliance with Mitsubishi’s recommendation for oil change service is one of the best ways to support the overall performance and durability of the engine, and by default, the entire vehicle. It is difficult to refute the vast benefits of compliance and the risks of ignoring the recommended oil change interval.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Here at Vern Eide Mitsubishi in Sioux Falls, SD

When a Mitsubishi car or SUV is due for its next oil change as scheduled maintenance, it is an excellent decision to match your vehicle with a service provider also carrying the same name. We invite you to get your Mitsubishi’s next oil change with us that features a certified technician installing OEM Parts according to factory specifications.

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