Improving Fuel Economy

Improving Fuel Economy in Sioux Falls, SD

Fuel economy is a big consideration, especially as we enter the holiday season where many will be traveling to visit family. Since fuel economy is so important, you do need to take the time to find out just how to improve your fuel economy this season.

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Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is something that we are all worried about. Gas is expensive and we want to save as much money as possible and get as much as we can from each tank of gas. The first thing you can do to help improve gas mileage is to reduce drag. The harder your car has to work to cut through the air and to fight back against the wind, the more gas that it is going to use. Try not putting things on top of the car or the roof rack, remove items that might catch the wind and make it harder for your car, and make sure that your car is as streamlined as possible.

Lighten The Load

Another great tip is to lighten your load. This is especially helpful if you are traveling. Try to travel only with the things that you need, do not haul unnecessary things that can end up making your car weigh more, and try to reduce your overall hauling weight.

Driving Style Awareness

Still another thing you can do is to monitor the way that you are driving. Make sure you are not accelerating too much, that you are not speeding or idling more than necessary. The way that you drive does have a huge impact on the overall way that the car drives and on the way that your car uses fuel.

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There are also ways that you can improve the overall gas mileage of your car at the service center. Having a good set of tires is one way that you can make sure your car is going to be efficient and use the right amount of fuel. You also want to be sure you are keeping up with normal service interval maintenance. Things like spark plug changes, fluid changes, and even filter changes can all help your car to be more efficient when it comes to the overall fuel economy of your car.

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Vern Eide Mitsubishi offers a wonderful service center and a caring and knowledgeable staff that can help you to maximize your fuel economy no matter where you are driving. They can help you to maximize fuel economy and make sure your car is running as efficiently as possible no matter what.

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