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There are two CV or constant velocity joints located on both ends of a driveshaft on Mitsubishi vehicles. One CV joint connects the driveshaft to the transmission and the other is used to connect the driveshaft to the wheels. They can be found on many rear-wheel and four-wheel drive Mitsubishi vehicles. They are designed to transfer the torque coming from the transmission to the wheels to allow them to spin at a constant speed while the suspension system moves up and down as your drive over the roads in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. The CV joints are packed in grease and covered by a rubber or plastic casing. If a joint goes bad, it can cause the axle to dislodge from the driveshaft and you will not be able to use your car.

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Signs of Bad CV Joints

CV joints typically fail when the rubber or plastic casing breaks apart and develops leaks. The break allows the grease to filter out of the joint and allow moisture and dirt to get into the internal parts. Eventually, the entire CV joint will break apart. Here are the signs you should look out for when experiencing a deteriorating CV joint:

  • You will start to feel the vehicle vibrate when you step on the gas. The vibration can and will affect your ability to handle the vehicle the faster you go.
  • Grease will spurt out onto the wheels and tires.
  • You will start to hear knocking noises as the CV joint wears out.
  • There are often loud popping or clicking sounds when you turn the steering wheel.
  • You ride will get bouncy even when you are driving on a perfectly flat road.

If you experience any of these signs as you drive around Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, or the Rapid City, SD areas, you need to bring your Mitsubishi into Vern Eide Mitsubishi right away.

Why Vern Eide Mitsubishi

Vern Eide’s helpful staff will make sure your vehicle is properly taken care of and repaired to the highest standards while you relax in our customer lounge area. The waiting area has flat-screen TVs, refreshments and snacks, Keurig drinks, Wi-Fi, fresh-baked cookies, and magazines & newspapers for you to read. There is even a kid’s play area to keep the children entertained while you wait. We offer an after-hours drop-off and pick up services if you are too busy to come in during regular hours. We also have a shuttle service available in case you have other places to go while we work on your vehicle. Contact us today to make an appointment, or visit our service department today!

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Why Service at Vern Eide Mitsubishi?

  • Helpful Staff
  • Customer Lounge
  • Flat Screen TVs
  • Refreshments & Snacks
  • Shuttle Service
  • WiFi
  • Magazines & Newspapers
  • Fresh Baked Cookies
  • Kids Play Area
  • Keurig Drinks
  • Early Bird Drop Off
  • After Hours Drop/Pick Up

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