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All engine oil will start breaking down because of exposure to moving parts under extreme heat and pressure. Your conventional oil is responsible for providing the lubrication for all of your engine’s moving parts to cool it down while it is running. Conventional engine oil will lose its viscosity to eventually cause the engine to seize up if the oil is not changed. That is why we recommend proactive conventional oil change service that removes your old oil and filter before they become a problem.


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Warning Signs that your Conventional Oil is Breaking Down:

  • The engine oil is dark and/or gritty
  • The engine oil change light is on
  • The engine oil has more miles on it than the recommended maintenance interval
  • You can hear engine noise such as knocking
  • You have hauled heavy loads, driven in significant stop-and-go traffic, or driven in scorching ambient temperatures

The Value of Routine Conventional Oil Change Service

Every Mitsubishi car, crossover, and SUV has engine oil that requires ongoing maintenance service. Mitsubishi drivers that prefer conventional oil in their vehicle will need to consider when and where to receive Mitsubishi Conventional Oil Change Service. We know at Vern Eide Mitsubishi of Sioux Falls that the best service for any vehicle is provided by certified experts with vast training and experience working on your Mitsubishi make and model. That means if you drive a Mitsubishi, the best place to receive Conventional Oil Change Service is with us at Vern Eide Mitsubishi of Sioux Falls.

Schedule an Oil Change Service Today

If you know that you need your conventional oil changed, don’t put off the service any longer. Schedule an appointment today at Vern Eide Mitsubishi in Sioux Falls to have one of our certified technicians remove your old conventional oil and filter and replace them with new oil and filter. Every Mitsubishi Conventional Oil Change Service comes with a complimentary inspection of all major vehicle systems. Relax in our customer lounge and enjoy a snack and beverage while a certified technician gives you a thorough Mitsubishi Conventional Oil Change Service.

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