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Your Mitsubishi car, crossover, or SUV was manufactured to provide drivers with icy air conditioning. Lots of our customers have mentioned to us that this summer’s heat has been sweltering. When the heat of summer starts to get you down, it’s time to get yourself in some frigid air conditioning. The problem is that air conditioning systems are highly complex with parts and refrigerant that can wear out or go bad over time.


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How do I know if I need an Air Conditioning Performance Check?

Your air conditioning system requires routine maintenance service to blow out cold air like the day it left the factory. As your vehicle ages, you will start to notice that the air is not as cold as it once was. If you ignore this decreased air conditioning performance long enough, your vehicle will eventually stop producing any cold air at all.

Here’s how to know that you can benefit from an Air Conditioning Performance Check:

  • You hear any strange noises when starting the air conditioner
  • You have never had an Air Conditioning Performance Check and your vehicle is over 3 years old
  • You notice that the air is not as cool as before
  • Your air conditioning system blows out hot air

Air Conditioning Performance: Don’t Try this at Home

Even the most experienced mechanic will find difficulty with a do-it-yourself air conditioning performance check. That’s because any high-quality air conditioning performance check will include extensive knowledge of innovative service protocols and training on high-tech equipment. Our certified technicians might be the only experts that can realistically provide you with an acceptable Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Performance Check. Certified Mitsubishi technicians know how to inspect all of your air conditioning system’s components including all hoses and connections, compressor, compressor pulley, and will top off freon refrigerant to ensure you get the coldest air possible.

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If your Mitsubishi car, crossover, or SUV can benefit from an Air Conditioning Performance Check, it’s the best time to schedule service. Relax in our robust customer service lounge and enjoy a complimentary snack and beverage while one of our certified technicians restores your air conditioning system to factory specifications.

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