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Mitsubishi Control Arm & Bushing Inspection, Repairs, or Replacement

The suspension system on your Mitsubishi is more than making your ride smooth. It does that, but it also helps with steering and needs to be serviced at times. There are control arms on the front and back wheels, and the bushings are a sleeve that goes over them to prevent metal-on-metal contact. The control arms allow your tires to go up and down when your car goes over bumps, which smoothes your ride. Bring your car to Verne Eide Mitsubishi in Sioux Falls, SD to get your suspension checked and serviced. We are a short drive from Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Suspension Service Control Arm Service

Most vehicles have an upper and lower control arm on the front and back. This connects the wheel hub and steering mechanism to the frame of the vehicle. It is the sleeve or bushing, that is likely to wear out over time. When they go bad you will notice a squeaking sound when you go over a rough surface, and eventually, there will be a knocking sound which means you should get it done immediately. They normally do not go bad suddenly, but if your car is not riding as smooth as it once did, you may be ready for suspension service.

Servicing the control arms, bushings and ball joints are not something you will need often. Depending on your driving habits and conditions, it could be 100,000 miles before you will this service. You can drive your car for a while after it starts making squeaking noises and wear has started, but eventually, you will have serious problems if you wait too long. Failure to take care of this problem could eventually make your car unsafe to drive. If you get to the point that metal is rubbing against metal, you could have steering problems and a much higher repair bill than you would have normally.

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No one knows your Mitsubishi car better than the dealership. This is why it is good to trust us with your Mitsubishi. At Vern Eide Mitsubishi in Sioux Falls, SD, our helpful staff includes certified technicians and the latest equipment to keep your car running the way it should. Remember we are a short drive from Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, Rapid City, South Dakota. We have a shuttle service available if you need to leave your car with us. We also offer early bird drop off and After-Hours Drop Off/Pick Up.

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